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Fix-up your screen recordings with Video Stitch. With Video Stitch, you can create videos out of your screen recordings and edit them all at once. No more juggling multiple videos, starting one and then stopping another, and trying to find what was where on your screen.

Version 13.4.4 may or may not work on your device. There is no additional help from the developers other than the help file.
The VINCI Wizard has 4 main sections: VINCI Wizard, Camera, Image, and Web. They will each be covered in detail below.
VINCI Wizard

This is where you can setup your device for use with VINCI. This includes finding the IP address of your device and registering it with VINCI. You can also assign a name and password to your device.
This section contains information about your camera and camera settings. You can change the camera settings to setup the camera for optimal use with VINCI.
This section has information about how to import images to VINCI. You can choose from a variety of methods to import images.
This section has information about how to import information from your browser to VINCI. You can select a single URL or multiple URLs and import the text from those URLs to VINCI.
This version does not have a help section. You should look for a more in-depth help section in the previous versions.
VINCI Wizard

Step 1

This first section is where you can setup your VINCI device. This includes the IP address of your device, which you can find by opening a web browser and viewing your IP address in the address bar. This IP address can also be found on the VINCI Wizard Configuration Page.
You should note that your IP address will change when you upgrade your device.

Step 2

If your IP address has changed, you will be asked to update your camera and possibly Web configuration settings.
You will need your VINCI account details and login information to do this. If you do not already have these details you will be prompted to create a new account.

Step 3

When you register your device, you will be asked for a name, IP address, and password. You will be prompted to create a password and to make it very secure. You should make sure that you can remember this password in case you lose it.
VINCI Wizard

Step 4

To begin using VINCI, you will need to download the software. You can do this by clicking the button labeled VINCI Manager on the VINCI Wizard screen. You will then be taken to the VINCI Manager download page.
This is where you can download the VINCI Manager software. If you are using VINCI version 1.5.2, you will need to download the ISO. To

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