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AutoKrypt is an auto-encrypter and decrypter, with multiple features that make it a powerful encryption program for Windows operating systems.
The program includes a nice, intuitive interface and a lot of powerful options. You can choose different algorithms for encryption and you can even choose which folders and files to encrypt, or just one specific file.
The app supports different file and folder types, like Unicode, *.*, *.* and *.*. It has the ability to include passwords and Key pairs as well.
All in all, it’s a very useful app that can be of great help if you have a lot of sensitive information that you would like to keep safe.
Key Features:
– Strong encryption – AES-256 bit
– Multi-threaded program that works with multiple processors
– Auto key generation
– Secure key database and the ability to import new keys
– Password file and directory encryption
– Secure file and directory backups
– Encrypted ZIP files
– Readable file formats
– Safe to use with many supported languages
– Can encrypt individual files
– Works with Unicode, *.*, *.* and *.* file types
– It has the ability to exclude folders
– Works with an unlimited number of files and folders
– Can convert from/to folders
– Append the date and time to the file names
– Create logs of the program
– Support wildcards for file and directory name searches
– Wildcard search can be extended to support multiline search
– Support for password or a secret key
– Support for public or private OpenPGP keys
– Support for trusted folders or keys
– Support for dragging and dropping files into the program
– Supports zip, rar, x, gz, and tgz files
– Supports import and export of keys
– Supports file and folder renaming
– Support for UTF-8 files and folders
– Support for long filenames (more than 260 characters)
– Support for file and folder size changes
– Support for ANSI, Unicode and UTF-16 files and folders
– Support for ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, ISO-8859-2 and ISO-8859-3 (also UTF-8)
– Support for drag and drop operations
– Supports dialog window, list window and DOS-like console
– Supports renaming file and folder in various ways
– Supports tabbed dialog windows

AutoKrypt Crack + Free Download

Keymacro brings your key management to the cloud.
An advanced passphrase generator
Easily and quickly generate unique and random (you’ve never seen them before) strong keypairs.
If you have access to a server or the internet, you can simply import a public key from your trusted server or use your own keys that you generated with macroni.
Note: the application tries to stay as free as possible. No payments for using this app and no more adverts.
If you want a feature request or a bug report, please send me a mail:

-Fast: Very fast : 24 keys/second, the same as an eSATA port.
-Private:The private key never gets saved and will never be stored in any database.
-Strong: The keys generated are strong and never reused, even if the application is lost or deleted, the private key will be deleted.
-Very Strong: The strong and unique keys generated are never reused and never stored anywhere.
-Fully Automated: The application creates keys from the log file and copies the keys in different locations on your hard drive.
-Auto Key Import: No need to configure anything. It automatically reads the keys stored in the log file and create new keys and copy them to your default location.
-Provide easy the log file: Add a log file for each generated key, read by the application.
-Generate strong keys automatically: Very fast speed without the need of managing your keypair on the website.
-User-friendly interface: The application is easy to use. It’s just one window and the screen is well organized.
-Trusted: The application comes with a trust logo that guarantees the application is safe and verified by a 3rd party.
-Generate Mac-compatible keys: Generate keys compatible with Linux and Windows.
-Repair: If an error occurs, the application will restore the last good keypair.
-Data Backup: Backup your data before changing your password, so you can recover it easily.

The program is created by Jean-Christophe Lorenceau who is one of the most passionate and effective amateur programmers on the planet. He is regularly making iPhone, Windows and Mac apps. He has also created this.

What is NEW?
The program now includes a user guide which should explain everything you need to

AutoKrypt Crack + [April-2022]

File Password Keeper is a simple tool which keeps files and folders protected from unauthorized access. The program allows you to keep a list of files or folders that you want to be secured and protects them.
The application comes with a few pre-defined rules. Each of these can be altered, thanks to the options within the tool. The rules can be based on any actions, such as opening files or folders. The program has a nice and clean look, which makes it a bit easy to use. The icons are clear and bright, making it easy to identify.
The interface works with a list of rules, which allows you to keep the tasks in order. A tick icon indicates that a particular rule is active. Pressing the enter key will execute the action for the current rule.
As mentioned, a setting can be found in the Options section. Here, you can enter your password for the program. The tool will automatically generate a self-reminding password for each new rule. This way, you won’t have to remember any passwords.
To add a new rule, simply click the Add button. A list of actions that can be defined by the rules will appear. Once you have selected the type of action you want to use, the information will appear in the associated text field.
Another option available is to use wildcard searches. As the program is a bit more advanced, this is a useful option to have.
The program comes with a good amount of features. It will keep a list of your encrypted files and folders, and you can easily encrypt and decrypt files and folders as you want.
Furthermore, the tool offers password security, so no one will be able to access the files or folders if the proper password is not entered.
In addition, the program supports scheduled jobs, allowing you to encrypt files and folders at a specific time. As you may know, the password won’t work properly if the time changes. To prevent this, the application allows you to define a specific time for each action.
The last option is a simple copy tool. This is a handy feature that helps to store your passwords in a safe place for later use. You can select a folder or file and set a schedule to be copied at a later date.
Another key feature is the log file. You can make the program generate detailed logs, so you can easily find the problems you may encounter in the future.
The application has a clean and user-friendly interface. It allows the user to define

What’s New in the AutoKrypt?

• The first application that allows you to do backups of files in an encrypted way. With this software you can create backup of an entire PC and encrypt the created backups.
• You can also create Zip-archives or even encrypted archive-files for all your important files.
• All file and folder data inside are encrypted with an AES256.
• Zip-archive files and folders are encrypted with AES256-Encryption.
• The generated ZIP-archive files and folders have a “.krypt” file extension.
• Password/key-protection to access and decrypt files.
• File system and folder protection.
• Different encryption methods: AES256-CBC-Encryption and File-system/Folder-protection for all modern operating systems.
• Different Key-Protections: Text-Password, OpenPGP-Password, Secret-Key, Public-Key, Private-Key and the custom-password you choose (useful for USB-Stick-Password-Protection).
• You can configure your settings for protection: Log-files, Password-protection, encryption and auto-start of the software.
• The software uses the Windows-Service-System (Standard-Services for “C:\Program Files\AutoKrypt\AutoKrypt.exe”).
• Time-stamp the filename for file-system-history.
• Edit-date and time format: YYYY-MM-DD or DD/MM/YYYY.
• The program does not save any information in the registry.
• The program does not show any notification in the system tray.
• All settings can be stored in the AppData-Folder (eg. “C:\Program Files\AutoKrypt\Settings” – for Advanced-Users).
• The software starts in System-Startup-Mode and uses less memory than other encryption-software (start: 11 MB, using: 11 MB).
• The software works with all modern Windows-versions from Windows XP up to Windows 10.
• The program can run on USB-Sticks, CDs and DVDs.
• For all Windows-versions.
• For all Windows-version from XP up to Windows 10.
• 2-Way-Protection with the password of the program and the Password of the USB-Stick.
• Restoring the Backup on a different USB-Stick.
• For all operating systems.
• For all operating systems.
• Auto- and Manual-Backups can be configured.
• You can get this application here:

System Requirements For AutoKrypt:

Windows XP (all editions), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 (all editions)
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 / ATI Radeon X1900 graphics or higher (512 MB VRAM)
8 GB available disk space
Internet connection (or computer/laptop) with stable internet connection for updates
Supported Languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish
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