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The New Zealand government used the program to design the nation’s capital region of the new Auckland CBD in the late 1980s. The program was used extensively during the design of the Sydney Opera House.

History [ edit ]

AutoCAD was the first cross-platform desktop CAD program developed for personal computers, and the first to provide interactive, two-dimensional (2D) drafting capabilities. A similar program, CAD-X, was developed by the German software company Microtec (MicroTec), but was never ported to personal computers.

AutoCAD has been developed in various editions and was first released for the DEC LSI-11 minicomputer and sold in December 1982 as AutoCAD System. The first MS-DOS-based version was released in 1985, called AutoCAD System for MS-DOS, or AutoCAD System 5.0 for MS-DOS. By the time of the release of the third version of the MS-DOS version, the name had been changed to AutoCAD System 6.0 for MS-DOS. The Windows version was released as AutoCAD 1997, and eventually evolved into the current version, AutoCAD 2017. The AutoCAD 2001 architecture software release also included a data management system called ArcInfo. AutoCAD 2004 introduced an object-oriented design methodology and introduced the principle of standards compliance. AutoCAD 2006 followed the Microsoft Object Modeling and Architecture (MOA) principles.[1]

AutoCAD was used by Tectra as the main CAD program for its 1980s-1990s Tectra TX line of products.

A series of design awards were given to AutoCAD in the early years, including the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ “Product Design Award” in 1983. A licensing program was introduced in 1986. By 1986 there were 4.7 million licenses sold.[2] AutoCAD 2000 was introduced in 1998 and was licensed to 100,000 developers and designers worldwide. AutoCAD 2002 was released in 2002.

AutoCAD 2003 introduced the Block Editor and included a database function called WebCAD. The 2003 release also included the principle of standards compliance. AutoCAD 2007 included two new components, the TIN (Topology Interactive Network) toolset and Navigate Model. AutoCAD 2010 included the Navigate Model component with engineering features, Navigate View and Navigate Frame. AutoCAD 2013 introduced the Architecture and Design/Electrical/Mech

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is an independent AutoCAD architecture and component framework. It allows creating independent plug-in architecture components without depending on AutoCAD. Autodesk has released a number of such components on the web. There are even examples of AutoCAD-based applications written entirely using Autodesk Forge and ARX.

An early AutoCAD application for the Palm OS was released on October 25, 1999. It was developed by PeopleSoft. On November 13, 2000, AutoDesk released Design Manager, an AutoCAD application for Palm OS.

AutoCAD software runs on multiple hardware platforms. Windows-based versions are compatible with Intel processors, while Linux-based versions are generally compatible with x86 processors. AutoCAD also runs on Solaris, AIX and HP-UX (and other Unix-like systems). There is also a cross-platform version of the AutoCAD command line interface (CLI) called acadplus.


AutoCAD LT has an installer that you can download and run from an ISO or setup CD-ROM.

AutoCAD LT is available in two versions: the current version is AutoCAD LT 2012 and the previous version is AutoCAD LT 2011. Both versions of AutoCAD LT include a simple “Preview” of the feature set of AutoCAD LT 2011. A third version AutoCAD LT 2012 R1 was released in April 2012. This version is not supported and can not be updated. The license does not cover the 2012 version and 2012 would need to be purchased.

AutoCAD LT 2012 (AutoCAD LT 2012 R1) is a product of AutoDesk and is licensed by Autodesk, Inc.

There is also a free license version of AutoCAD LT 2011, but it cannot create drawings.

AutoCAD LT is a text-based version of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2012 R1 is completely compatible with AutoCAD LT 2012.

AutoCAD LT 2011 works in a similar way to AutoCAD as it has the same user interface and concepts. However the command line has many changes, so most of the software engineering industry refers to it as “Acad +”, though it is not truly the product of AutoDesk. In fact, many AutoCAD developers are now using Acad + for all of their new products.

AutoCAD LT 2012 R1 has many more features, including 2D & 3D graphics, editing of the block

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What’s New In?

AutoCAD 2023 New Features

Other New Features

Streamlined UI and Accessibility:

Receive highly responsive support with a streamlined user interface that is more intuitive and offers easier navigation.

Additionally, AutoCAD has undergone a comprehensive accessibility review to ensure that it is accessible to all users.

Revised Project Modeling:

Revised Project Modeling with Filenames, Plates, and Object Repositories:

Pools, Libraries, and Repositories:

Pools are central for the storage of all your files. Librarians can be used to group and organize your files in libraries, and repositories can be used to store objects for rendering or publishing.

Conditional Printing and Publishing:

Allow your drawings to be printed as much as you want with new conditional printing options and the ability to publish your own drawings with all the new features of the current online edition.


Additional Customizable Layout and Control Panels:

Add controls for improved layout and navigation, and use drag-and-drop features to customize your layout and panes.

Use Command Bar and Menus:

Easily access commands and features with a Command Bar and Menus.

Business Optimization with AutoCAD 360:

AutoCAD 360: Deliver high-quality drawings to customers, prospects, or even potential clients through your personal 360° drawings using AutoCAD 360.

Rasterizing for Mac:

Share 2D vector drawings with clients and co-workers.


New Scratchboards, Brush, and Shapes:

New Scratchboards, Brush, and Shapes:

Scratchboards make the process of creating quick doodles easier than ever. You can now draw on your screen with your finger, brush, or pen.


Draw with your finger or pen on screen, and then erase using a brush.


With the new movement tool, you can move around your drawing with keyboard shortcuts and gestures on trackpads.

New Line:

A new line tool allows you to draw and create new lines on screen, and quickly resize them with a simple move or resize.

New Named Dashboard:

The ability to customize your screen layout with Custom Dashboards, and a new, easier way to navigate and access them.

System Requirements:

OS: 7 or 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7 / AMD Athlon
Memory: 2 GB or more
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2900 or better
DirectX: Version 11
HDD space: 4 GB or more
OS: 10.7 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / Core Duo
Graphics: Nvidia Gef