· 3D model visualization and visual programming
· 2D panel design
· Design and analysis of chemical processes
· Create animations of experimental data
· Create custom modules for your applications
· Sketchup support
· Design Studio support
· Caedium Professional add-on version 1.9.0

Tuesday, October 27, 2012

Thursday, October 22, 2012

Gain insight and get answers to your questions with technical support

If you have a question about a product or technical information, We would like to help!
Ask us a question and get direct answers from experts in your industry.
Technical support is free. If your question doesn’t have an answer, you will still receive an email answer.
We look forward to helping you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2012

CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0: 3D model visualization and visual programming

Powerful visualization and visual programming for 3D models

CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0 is the successor to CAEDIUM-DOME. With CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0 you will have the best solution for 2D and 3D models. CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0 allows you to visualize, analyze, and edit your 3D model using a 2D visual programming interface. You will be able to create entire programs based on your model geometry in the CAEDIUM-DOME visual environment.

Key Features:

· Create, edit, and visualize your model geometry using a powerful visual programming interface in CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0
· Get creative in CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0 by allowing you to visualize and change your model geometry
· Visualize your model geometry directly in a CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0 window
· Control visual feedback of your results in CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0 by using the Outliner
· See all results of your simulation in CAEDIUM-DOME 2.0 simultaneously in different results windows
· Export your model geometry as an STL file
· Customize and modify the components of your model geometry
· Design, visualize, and simulate processes in your model geometry
· Unite the entire Caedium product collection into one easy-to-download and easy-to-install package
· Caedium Professional combines the entire Caedium add-on collection into a single easy-to-download and easy-to-install package d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a program that allows you to work with macros that have been defined in hotkeys. When you press the hotkey, KEYMACRO executes the macro that you have assigned to it. There are a lot of possibilities and uses for macros. To create a macro, first, press a hotkey that you want to assign as a macro. You can assign a macro to a number of different hotkeys at the same time. You can make macros repeat, or a macro can repeat a certain number of times. You can also make macros repeat until a certain time is reached.
Keyboard usage:
KEYMACRO is a very helpful utility. There are three ways you can use it. One, you can make hotkeys for your favorite games that will automatically execute macros assigned to the hotkeys. Two, you can use the macros to create a shortcut for a program you use frequently. Three, you can set a macro to act as a trigger for another program, which will do a specific task when triggered by a hotkey.

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on December 04, 2018

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1 4,319

Chyng C

Works great but I have been using the auto clicker from time to time for some of my to-do list

Amish Chu

I use this program as a tool to automate my keyboard and also mouse movements. I like to play games and I use to click all my actions by using the mouse and my keyboard. This program works fine and is easy to use. I like the fact that it is very customizable.

Plante R

Almost perfect. The only thing is that the program is too slow and the timers are not the same for all time intervals. For instance, it’s 1 minute by default for the random timer, but it’s 30 minutes when I set it. I can always enter the time interval manually, but it’s a little bit tedious. And the default timer is 5 seconds but it’s 3 when I change it.

Rick Brown

Fun auto-clicker program, especially for those who often play MOBAs, where most of the mouse clicks are spamming / fishing / open pack orders.

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