About Reputation 1

Reputation 1 offers Simple, Easy, and Affordable products so you can effectively market your business online yourself.  We are NOT an advertising agency.

No time to Do-it-Yourself?

We offer affordable fully managed services.  You can even switch between doing it yourself or having Reputation 1 handle the work.  Whatever works best for you, Reputation 1 gives you reports and tools to track your progress in a single secure web portal.

What about Support?

We give you all the options to get help with our products and services.  You can even talk to real people who all reside in the US and Canada as well as all the technology options like email, chat, FAQ’s and dozens of video and text tutorials right in your client portal.

Every Reputation 1 client gets a password protected portal that shows exactly what is happening with their account.

Reputation 1 is part of a National network of service providers. Each of us focus on our local business markets to provide service and support. We share professionally managed resources which helps us price our products and services reasonably. All our support personnel are in the US and Canada. Our goal is to deliver excellent returns on the investments our clients make to improve their businesses and increase their sales and opportunities.

Are we the right “fit” for your business?

Before we decide to work together, we need to determine if we are the right fit for each other. Our clients have the following traits:

  • They want to be a high-quality business
  • They want to grow
  • They have defined the metrics to measure their success
  • They want to build quality relationships with their customers
  • They realize that they can’t advertise their way out of a bad reputation
  • They realize there are issues to be addressed that require time and money

“It seems strange that so many businesses will spend thousands of dollars to get found on the web but when the customer calls them during normal business hours, they don’t answer the phone.”

What makes Reputation 1 different?

  • We give you an up-front comprehensive analysis of your online footprint and reputation in an objective report.
  • We measure your businesses progress with weekly or monthly reporting that is easy to understand.
  • We help you with an overall strategy for your business. What do you want to accomplish? What are the metrics you will use to measure success? How will you determine if what you’re doing is worth the money?
  • We explain everything we recommend for your business until you understand it in terminology that is clear.
  • We don’t have contracts. If you don’t want to continue doing business with us just tell us. No questions asked. What we do isn’t for everyone and that’s OK.
  • You will understand what you are paying for. No billing mystification.
  • We do the things for your business that make a difference. If we don’t live up to your expectations, you should fire us.

Want to talk? Just let us know. Reputation 1 has an absolute hard rule that we will never pressure any potential client to come on board with us. If we are the right fit for each other, we are both going to know it. If we aren’t, that’s ok too. Aligning with the right resource for YOUR business is critical and we promise that we will never pressure anyone.